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Instructions for Nit Comb

Important please cover or tie back your own hair when treating to avoid YOU getting them!

If a head lice infestation has been confirmed, follow the steps below:
1. Watch our step by step video instructions on how to effectively use the NitNOT comb (Above)
2. Saturate the hair for INSTANT results with NitNOT ECO Head Lice, Egg & Nit Serum. KILLS lice and eggs and doesn’t contain any
of the parabens and chemicals found in your standard conditioner. However, conditioner is fine to use. (separate instructions on treating
with conditioner below)
3. At the nape of the neck choose which side of the head you wish to start (left or right) and take a horizontal section about 1 to 2cms deep.
4. Clip up the hair above this section securely, so there is a clear line between this and the hair you are working on.
5. Starting from one side of the section, hold a manageable amount of hair at 90 degrees to the scalp.
6. Insert the comb as close to the scalp as possible. Do not dig into the scalp.
7. Move the comb down from the base of the hair to the tip and off the end. It is essential to start every stroke at the base.
8. When the stroke is complete, wipe any lice and eggs on a tissue.
9. Repeat these steps on the same piece of hair until the comb has been clear for at least three strokes.
10. When the hair you are combing is clear, select a new horizontal section of hair to work on. However – ensure you have a portion of overlap
with the area you have just combed.
11. Once you have completed a full horizontal section, tie this section down and select another straight section immediately above, working across
from one side of the head to the other.
12. Repeat until you have reached the front hairline. Ensure all fine hairs at the edge of the hairline have also been combed using the precision comb.

Treating live head lice and eggs with conditioner

Instructions as above according to Steps 2-11, however as conditioner only immobilises for a short while and does not kill lice and eggs you will
need to comb every 2-3 days, for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Performing Regular Checks with the Search & Remove comb

When performing weekly checks , we recommend incorporating this into your families usual hair washing routine.
It is important to check once a week for head lice infestations to ensure they are caught before the lice have reproduced and spread. To conduct the weekly check use your search & remove comb as you will be looking for adult lice. See our life-size guide.
To conduct a head lice check, first watch our step by step video instructions on how to effectively use the NitNOT comb ( Next, wet hair thoroughly and then partition and comb the hair through according to Steps 2-11 above (see Treating an Infestation). The regular check is effectively the same mechanical procedure without using the serum.

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Instructions for best head lice treatment

· Section the hair and apply surum along scalp and hair
· Comb through with normal comb
· Ensure all hair is covered with serum
· Leave for two hours
· A nit comb can be used while serum is in the hair to remove eggs and nits
· Wash out using washing up liquid to remove serum quickly
· It is essential repeat 7 to 9 days later
· For heavy infestations repeat with a third treatment 7 to 9 days after second treatment.

Top Tips

• Use the precision comb for fine hair, delicate hair around the edge of the hairline and on babies and young children’s hair.
• For thick, curly and afro hair, use the search & remove comb.
• On short hair, comb in four directions and overlap the strokes.
• When checking for lice you are looking to find live lice. Eggs do not indicate a live infestation as white empty shells (nits) can be stubborn to remove and left from a previous infestation.
Don’t worry about the risk of not being able to thoroughly wipe clean the comb in between strokes. Once eggs have been combed off the hair, their tubular attachment to the hair follicle has been broken. They cannot reattach, even if they are brushed back through by accident.
Cleaning The comb can be placed in hot soapy water and brushed with an old tooth brush to remove debris. Cleaning the metal combs in the dishwasher or using strong disinfectants may discolour the metal combs. This does not affect the integrity of the comb it is the copper base reacting to chemicals in these cleaning products.