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Train to become a head lice professional and build your own profitable business.

Are you interested in running a flexible, lucrative lifestyle business that gives amazing job satisfaction and makes a genuine difference to stressed-out parents?

If yes, then running an independent head lice clinic with the NitNOT Network may just be the right business opportunity for you.  From visiting clients in their homes, running a mobile clinic or having a fixed location, there are multiple ways in which NitNOT affiliated head lice technicians can bring the joys of lice-removal to families across the UK.

NitNOT Specialist Head-Lice Training Course:Three-day training course

Designed to take you from zero to complete specialists in everything lice.

Classroom theory and practical training

The science behind head lice

Suitable Treatments

Treatment processes

Practical Tuition

Business Support:
Starting a new business is incredibly intimidating – we have been there!
Start-up advice

PR and Marketing support

Wholesale prices on NitNOT products

Appointments from our website

Website Design and Hosting Advice
We’d love you to join us:
Please drop us a message (below) and start a conversation.  We warmly invite you to join the NitNOT Family and work alongside our trusted brand to build yourself a business that allows you flexibility, job satisfaction, and financial security.

Head lice treatment may not be a business you thought about going into, but as long as you are not squeamish about the little critters, this career comes with the most job satisfaction you can imagine.

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