Nits Not Going?

Your child getting nits is not something you are ever prepared for, unfortunately.  The first time is always the hardest.  Quite often you child's school will send a notification advising that there are cases of head lice at school.  Many parents believe that itching is the first sign of head lice.  However using this method for screening can lead to heavy infestations.  Only one in three people itch with head lice, the reason for the itching is an allergic reaction to the saliva that head lice inject when they feed on blood from the scalp.

The secret to getting rid of head lice is to break the cycle. The magic numbers of when you should re-treat depends on the length of the infestation. At NitNOT we understand how to do this depending on certain criteria.  We can guarantee that we will shutdown the infestation and all live head lice and viable eggs will be killed.  Nits (shells left behind after a louse has hatched.

Many people believe that they need to get rid of just the lice, the truth is that head lice are easy to remove it is the eggs that keep the cycle going are what needs to be removed from the hair.

Using our medical device only used in our clinic comb and tropical rinse we can have peace of mind that we can achieve this for your family.  We get rid of lice and eggs - with a guarantee you can trust.

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