Nitpicking head lice

OK, so it is old news that over the counter head lice remedies do not work anymore either because or head lice becoming resistant or that instructions are just not clear enough.  Whatever the reason parents all over the UK are struggling with these unwelcome visitors into their homes and lives.


So, before you start pulling your own hair out in utter frustration, there are some tips from experts at the NPA, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and other medical groups that have given advice on how to  rid  your families head lice infestation. 

  • Make sure that lice are actually causing that itch. The AAP warns that you should never begin treatment until you are sure your child has head lice. This means spotting either the creatures or the tiny nits (eggs) in the hair. If necessary ask your child’s doctor to figure out whether there’s an infestation.

  • Ask your GP what treatment she recommends. She may know whether lice outbreaks in your county are resistant to chemist head lice treatments.

  • Follow the instructions word for word. Many medications call for a second application after 3,5, 7,9,10,12,14 or 21 days to kill any newly hatched lice before they can produce new eggs.  


  • Avoid over-treatment. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns not to treat someone more than two to three times with the same medication. The NPA goes a step further and recommends you discontinue use of the treatment at the earliest sign of failure and to use a head lice comb to get rid of the lice by hand. This will need to be repeated every three hours and a good combing session should take a minimum of one hour plus on a moderate infestation.

  • Never use a lice spray. Although there are over-the-counter lice sprays on the market, the AAP warns you should never spray pesticides in your home. Altschuler concurs. “Why would you ever spray your child’s bed, where they spend eight hours a day, with a pesticide?” she says.

  • Comb, comb, comb.and comb again According to the NPA, manually removing head lice and eggs with a head lice comb is the surest way to get rid of lice, especially when treatment products have failed. It is important to invest in a good comb

Head Lice and Nit Removal Clinic

NitNOT was opened by a mum called Eileen, that had found that if she lived in the USA she could have found a head lice treatment centre close by.  However in the UK this was not the case. Eileen has trained in several countries and had her methods approved by leading experts.  Using variouss processes in her head lice treatment centre Eileen and her team can assure clients that within two to three appointments depending on the age of infestation of the head lice the nightmare will be over and the head lice and nits will be eradicated.  NitNOT will also take time to explain the best ways of preventing head lice, eggs and nits.

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