Professionals That Care For Your Children

Nit Nurses and other professionals

The Guardian have written a very amusing article about professionals that you pay to care for your children. From Nit nurses (Professional Head Lice Therapists) to Party Clowns.

The article is amusing but as usual with head lice and nit information there is incorrect information.  There is no medical evidence that head lice do not like men because of testosterone.  The fact is that men and boys can be infested with head lice and nits just as easily as women and girls.  The only main reason for less men and boys getting lice is that the majority tend to have short hair.  

We hear that head lice are spread by head to head contact, but the fertilized female lice after feeding move down the hair shaft to colonize another head, so in fact in it is hair to hair contact.  As girls and women tend to have longer hair their is a much high probability that lice will transfer to another person with longer hair.

To say that head lice do not like testosterone is madness, head lice feed only on blood and they really do not mind if you have testosterone or estrogen.  Just as they do not mind if you are anemic or diabetic.  Until there is medical evidence to prove such claims, which is doubtful, we have to assume that head lice are indiscriminate in their infestations.  Please check all your families hair including boys and men.  No one is immune to head lice.

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The nit nurse: ‘We never judge the children’

Our whole ethos is to make children feel comfortable, as if they’re having their hair done. We use a treatment to kill living lice and then dehydrate eggs using heated air. Then we nit comb and forensically remove everything. We need to see the kids twice, a week apart, because after the first time there will be eggs left over that no one can see.  

To read the very interesting article go to this link


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