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A lawyer and his young family were not able to fly on a Delta Airline plane because passengers had complained that one of his children had head lice.

The embarrassment, upset, and not to mention terrible experience this must have cause both the family and the staff of Delta should never have happened.

Delta stated that they do have a policy for infestations but we wonder if they understand that head lice do not jump or fly so the probability of another passenger being infested with lice is zero. They would have to have head to head contact with the child.

They could have easily supplied a beany hat or baseball cap to reassure any complaining passengers or staff that the head lice were not going to run riot on the plane.

The main problem with opinions on head lice is incorrect information. It is not a hygiene or neglect issue. Head lice love dirty and clean hair: families that cuddle, snuggle and hug make easy prey for these little lice bugs. People imagine head lice jumping metres in the air and landing in their own hair – this is just not the case.

It is such a shame that a family on a long-awaited holiday should be made to feel ashamed and lose out on time together. Hopefully since this case, policies have been revised so that other families do not have to go through such a trauma in transit.

Delta Airlines Policy for Head Lice

"Delta may refuse to transport any passenger, or may remove any passenger from its aircraft, when refusal to transport or removal of the passenger is reasonably necessary in Delta's sole discretion for the passenger's comfort or safety, for the comfort or safety of other passengers or Delta employees," Section F states. It then lists 11 situations in which "Delta may refuse to transport or may remove passengers from its aircraft." It includes "when the passenger is barefoot" (No. 2) and "when the passenger has a malodorous condition" (No. 6).

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