Life Cycle of Head Lice

Once you start to understand the life cylcle of head lice then you can manage and prevent head lice infestations.

The first stage is when a female louse colonizes a head. As female head lice only mate once and the louse can then lay approximately five to eight eggs a day for twenty five days and are a tan brown colour.  When the eggs are first laid they cannot be seen with the human eye, they take from seven to ten days to hatch.

When head lice hatch they can be less than one millimetre and translucent until head lice have their first meal where the louse will become darker in colour.  When they hatch from the egg the shell remains stuck to the head and takes on a white colour. Head are called nymphs when they have not reached maturity and a louse will take up to ten days to reach maturity. In this time they will moult three times.

On maturity the female and male head lice will mate. The male and nymphs stay close to the scalp and the female louse lays her eggs about half a centimetre to the scalp. Sometimes this can tell you how old the head lice infestation is. Because as the hair grows the further the nits can be found down the hair. Though this method is not always reliable when girls wear their hair tied back and close to the scalp the eggs can be laid anywhere as the hair is all close to the scalp.

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The most common sites for head lice to lay their eggs is at the nape of the neck, behind the ears and the crown as these are the warmest areas to incubate the eggs and allows them to thrive in the hair.

Female lice will feed on blood, lay their eggs by the scalp and then crawl to then of the hair, where the female louse will hold on with one claw and have the other claw out ready to take hold of another host. If after two hours they will crawl back up the hair and have another blood feed from the scalp and then return in the hope of colonizing. If this does not happen they will lay more eggs and the female louse will repeat this process for up to twenty to twenty five days.

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Understanding this process will let you see that you need to break this cycle to stop new generations of head lice invading your family. NitNOT can treat infested hair and will destroy 100% of head lice and live eggs. The staff will be happy to show you how and when to prevent re-infestation. To make an appointment for guaranteed head lice clearance with a guarantee you can trust call 01442 388879 or go to our service and prices page for more information.

The Stages of Head Lice, Eggs and Nits

Where do head lice lay their eggs on the head

Effective Head Lice Removal


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