What Is A Lice Lady?

Lice Lady

In the USA and Austrailia, head lice clinics, salons and services are all very common place, these businesses are often the first call for busy families when the dreaded head lice have invaded your family.

In the UK we used to have nit nurses also referred to as "Nitty Nora" and these ladies would come ito schools and check all the pupils hair. This goverment service was phased out in the UK during the seventies and eighties.  Many parents are calling for a re introduction as head lice, lice eggs and nits are reaching epedemic proportions.  With head lice now resillitant to the standard chemicals used.  So treatments are having to adapt.  The only way recommended by the NHS and other leading groups is to comb out the head lice and eggs which can be very time consuming and difficult.

With over eight hundred head lice salons, clinics and service available in the USA, many people refer to these people as "Lice Lady" or "Lice Ladies".  Just like at NitNOT it is a sanctuary where finally you can find peace of mind in the certainty that we will kill all viable head lice and head lice eggs from your 

Professional Head Lice Removal Salon

NitNOT head lice removal salon is a sanctuary for parents who are dealing with thetrauma and stress of  head lice and nit removal, we understand how quickly you can start feeling out of control, traumatised and at your wit's end. NitNOT are here to put you back in contro,l by clearing the hair of head lice and eggs by using  proven methods for radical 100% clearance of head lice and lice eggs.  Please see ourServices and Prices page for more information or call 01442 388879 for an immediate appointment

We have an armour of precision detecting equipment for diagnosing head lice infestations.

Personalised head lice treatment plans are devised for each client.

Our staff are highly trained and experienced and know exactly how to clear hair of lice and eggs.

We use non toxic topical treatments that are proven to work

We have a system for removing live lice before we start treating

We kill lice and eggs using medical vacuuming and regulated heating instruments

Our combs are precision tools please see photo for difference between ours and a popular brand

We will be honest with you about how quickly we can clear the hair

NitNOT therapist are happy to show you how to maintain head lice clear hair and prevent outbreaks again.

For more information please click on our Services and Prices page or call for an appointment on 01442388879


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