Lice Eggs and Nits

Head Lice Eggs

Many people think that nits and lice eggs are the same thing. However a lice egg is the first stage of the head lice cycle.  Once the female louse has mated it will not need to mate again for the duration of its life. 

A louse will only lay one egg at a time as it fills 20% of it body, but will lay on average six eggs per day, up to one hundred eggs in her lifetime. Laying her eggs close to the scalp about a centimetre up the hair shaft, though this can vary when hair is tied back as all the hair is close to the scalp.

When laying an egg it will secrete a sticky substance for the egg to be attached to the hair, the sheath (the shell of the egg) the structure of the shell is of a similar construction as human hair. Which is why lice eggs cannot be destroyed as this will also destroy the hair.

Once laid the egg is mostly invisible to the human eye, being about 0.5mm in length they grow to about 0.8mm when ready to hatch. Live lice eggs may seem tan or brown in colour, but lice eggs are in fact transparent and reflect the colour of the hair that they are incubating in, making them very difficult to see.

Once the nymph (baby louse)or(lice bug) has hatched from the egg, the shell is called a nit it is still transparent but no longer is reflective as it is hollow, the nit not appears to be white in the hair and is easier to see. Though a nit is harmless as it no longer holds a louse they can be very noticeable in hair and can be removed by coming out.

Below you can see that it appears a brownish colour and the eye of the lice bug can be seen through the shell.  The photo on the right is of a nit, you can see the that there is a hole at the top where the louse has popped the lid (known as the operculum) and crawled out on to the scalp for its first feed of blood.

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What do lice eggs and nits look like?

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NitNOT was opened by a mum called Eileen, that had found that if she lived in the USA she could have found a head lice treatment centre close by.  However in the UK this was not the case. Eileen has trained in several countries and had her methods approved by leading experts.  Using variouss processes in her head lice treatment centre Eileen and her team can assure clients that within two to three appointments depending on the age of infestation of the head lice the nightmare will be over and the head lice and nits will be eradicated.  NitNOT will also take time to explain the best ways of preventing head lice, eggs and nits.

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