Lice Combing/Nit Combing

How to wet comb for lice, lice eggs and nits

  • NitNot recommend using a clear conditioner onto clean dry hair, immersing all of the hair, including all the wispy bits around the hair line, and completely covering the scalp.​

  • Firstly, prepare yourself for combing by wearing short sleeves and a shower cap or hat to protect your own hair. Then sit in a comfortable chair such that you are eye-level.  ​

  • Sit by a bright light and use of a magnifying glass or mobile app to see the tiny head lice, lice eggs and nits​

  • Comb the clear conditioner throughout the hair with a large toothed comb to further distribute the conditioner and also to get rid of all tangle and knots.​

  • Use a hairdressing metal pin comb to separate the hair into sections – how many will depend on how thick the hair is – and use big enough clips to keep hair secure in each section. Remember to use straight lines.​

  • Let down one section at a time. Using the metal pin comb take out a small sliced section at the bottom of the hairline. You will be working in an upwards direction. Secure the rest of the section back up and out of your way.​

  • Position the teeth of the lice comb at the very top of the hair shaft and rest on the scalp at a 16-degree angle, pull the comb down the length of the hair from the root to the end of the hair and slide off the hair at the bottom. At NitNot, we will comb using the same method at four angles: north, south, east and west of down the hair.​

  • When combing after each downward stroke wipe the clear conditioner on a white towel/tissue and look for little brown and tan flecks and tiny little lice bugs (up to the size of a sesame seed).​

  • Keep combing until the conditioner on the towel is clear of specks or lice.​

  • Have a look at the section just combed and if any lice eggs or nits are found use a tweezer to slide down the hair shaft and off the hair.​

  • Work in a methodical manner, completing one section before moving to another. Keep the cleared sections away from hair that has not been treated.​

  • When complete take the sections down and comb where the partings were.​

  • When the hair is down comb through all the hair from forehead back and from each side of the head and towards the other side.​

  • Wash out the conditioner and check the water for any lice debris.​

  • Sterilize the combs and put clips and bands in a plastic bag after washing. Do not use and for at least three days.​

  • If using the combing method with conditioner to remove lice and eggs, you must comb every 3 to 4 days until the entire infestation has been removed. This can take up to a month depending on the severity of the infestation.​

  • To prevent further infestations, check hair once a week when washing by using the lice comb and wiping on a white tissue/towel.​

NitNot treat every client as an individual and give a 100% guarantee that all live eggs and lice will be killed - with a guarantee you can trust.​

We will show you how to comb to prevent re-infestations and explain why and when to keep head lice at bay.For an appointment please phone 01442 388879 of go to our Contact Us page.


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