I Have Head Lice, What Do I Do?

Head Lice In Your Own Hair

If you are a parent it is bad enough when your kids have picked up head lice from their BFF's, but when you wake up during in the night because you have a feeling that something is moving in your hair  What do you do?

It is clearly very difficult to check your own hair, unless you are one of those very gifted people that are so double jointed they can get their feet on the top of their heads.

The only certain way is to find a live head louse in your hair and pick it out of your head, if you have someone to ask that can look, they will probably be able to only identify nits which are white little empty lice eggs as they are the easiest thing to see, but can get confused with dandruff.  The best way to tell is if it moves it is dandruff, if it stays stuck to the hair, you probable have live lice in your hair.

NitNOT see many adults who just can not deal with not knowing for certain, we offer a precision screening programme where we can identify if you have head lice or a clear head..  Either way, you will know and we can either start a treatment or you can be on your way with the certainty that you are lice free.

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