How to check for head lice

There are a few symptoms of head lice you should be aware of:

  • ·         Scratching the head because it feels itchy. This only happens when a person is allergic to louse saliva (lice puncture the skin and inject their saliva to keep the blood from coagulating).

  • ·         A sensation that something is crawling in your hair; this might not itch, but can be a very uncomfortable feeling.

  • ·         Tiny bites, above and behind the ears, the nape of the neck, or, when girls have longer hair, on the shoulders. It can look like a rash as the bites are so small.

  • ·         White or cream coloured dots the shape of a teardrops at the top of the hair shaft, within two to three centimetres of the scalp. If they are well and truly stuck and will only move when slid down the hair shaft with tweezers or nails then this is definitely head lice or nits. Dandruff will flick off easily.

  • ·         Sometimes head lice will run out of the hair across the forehead, although they tend to stay within the hair as they use their claws to grab on to the hair strand.

  • ·         On items such as pillows, duvets and hats, head lice will appear as tiny black specs.

  • ·         First step: section the hair into four to eight equal parts depending on the thickness of hair.

  • ·         Stand under a bright light or use a torch, especially on lighter hair.

  • ·         Tip the head down and go through thin layers of the hair in sections.

  • ·         You can spot the eggs and nits more easily as they are securely stuck to the hair within 1cm to 2cm              from the scalp.

  • ·         As you look through the hair, you may find live lice running fairly quickly. 

  • ·         Check for a rash behind the ears and at the bottom of hairline.​

How to check for head lice

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The most important thing to remember is not to panic, but do check everybody in the family.

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