How To Get Rid Of Lice With NitNOT

Lice Nits Eggs Removed by NitNOT

Convenience - No amount of looking through and trying the array of different over-the-counter lotions and treatments is going to permanently get rid of head lice. Within a few months, you'll end up realising that you have actually tried all of them and still not got rid of the lice and now there are even more nits.

Make an appointment and leave all your frustration behind you. In a matter of a couple of hours, we will have put together a plan, as well as treated and informed you about how to prevent lice coming back. We ask you back for a check to put your mind at rest that they have all gone.

NitNot can save you time. You can spend hours applying treatments and combing can go on for hours, back aching and wrists hurting, the kids getting agitated – if only it was the beautiful bonding time we are promised in certain parent magazines.

Peace of mind - Just knowing that the head lice are going to be removed from your family is such a weight lifted off your shoulders. Also, the fact that NitNot do not use pesticides and only opt for natural and non-toxic methods for removing head lice permanently from your hair and scalp.

Information - Having the facts given to you and the myths dispelled makes it easy for you to prevent getting head lice and nits in your family. Explaining what we do, how we do it and why we treat head lice with a 100% guarantee.

Wellbeing - It can certainly be a very stressful time when you have head lice and nits. There is a constant up and down of thinking you have resolved the problem, only to find out a couple of days later that the lice and nits are back again. Coming to NitNot means that you can start to enjoy your hair and your sanity again. Some people endure sleepless nights from the bites or the feeling of them roaming around your scalp.

Effectiveness - At NitNot we are 100% effective at killing head lice and eggs. We are trained and experienced and we have a proven method that works using the latest technology.


Safety - This is paramount. We know what we are using is not harmful to skin, eyes, breathing… the list could go on. It is difficult to know by reading the side of the box what exactly you are buying and applying to your loved ones.


Honesty - We offer a transparent service. We will be open about what we will do to remove the head lice and eggs, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. And we back this up with a guarantee you can trust.

NitNot treat every client as an individual and give a 100% guarantee that all live eggs and lice will be killed - with a guarantee you can trust.

We will show you how to comb to prevent re-infestations and explain why and when to keep head lice at bay.

For an appointment please phone 01442 388879 of go to our Contact Us page.



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