Home Remedies for Head Lice

Tea Tree Oil For Head Lice and Eggs

There is as yet no hard medical evidence that tea tree oil kills head lice or eggs in the hair, though more research is being conducted. There are many different natural products on the market that contain tea tree oil to kill lice. But, the probability is that more lice and eggs will be removed by combing than using tea tree oil. Many say that tea tree oil is good to prevent head lice, as they are not meant to like the fragrance. However, the problem with this is that when the head gets hot, the fragrance will evaporate. Other popular essential oils are lemon, lavender and cedar wood. Any essential oil must be used with care as they are very powerful and can cause skin and eye irritation.

Mayonnaise for head lice

Commercial mayo contains eggs, water, oil, salt and vinegar with different agents to keep it bound together and to stop it from going off. Mayo to kill lice will probably not work, though it may slow them down and make it a little easier to comb out. However, it will not suffocate them as they will still be able to perspire, which is how they lose their excess body fluid. It will certainly not be able to keep the eggs from maturing and thus two weeks later you may well have another infestation. On top of this, it is messy and, if you use warm water, it can curdle and resemble scrambled eggs, which I am sure will not kill head lice or eggs, but may have people moving seats from next to you on the bus.

Mayo is an astringent, but, once again, head lice can hold their breath for well over ten hours whilst vinegar will dry within an hour or so depending on the ambient temperature of the room.

Vinegar: the acetic acid contained in vinegar will not dissolve the exoskeleton of the shell of the egg and therefore will not kill them. Vinegar will not loosen the lice eggs and nits.

Does Vinegar Kill Head Lice

When vinegar gets in the eyes, irritation and redness are common and corneal injury can occur. The cornea is at the front of the eye. It is a clear disc which lies over the front of the coloured part of the eye and the pupil. It's the window you see out of, and it is protected from harm.

Olive oil for lice or coconut oil oil for lice

Once again, to suffocate a louse would take up to ten hours, whilst oils start to break down as soon as they leave the container. Oils will quickly start separating on a warm head, especially if the scalp with lice is covered in plastic. When the oil separates it allows lice to breath and slips off the top of the lice egg, allowing oxygen to enter and other carbons to leave the egg. It is a shame, but neither olive or coconut oil kill nit eggs or head lice.

How to kill head lice naturally effectively

The only definite way is to use a proper and complete combing programme to remove all the live lice and live eggs. You need to understand the life cycle of lice and eggs to be able to stop head lice.

NitNot treat every client as an individual and give a 100% guarantee that all live eggs and lice will be killed - with a guarantee you can trust.

We will show you how to comb to prevent re-infestations and explain why and when to keep head lice at bay.

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