Home remedy for 18-month-old's case of lice ends in tragedy

Tragic death of toddler after home head lice remedy goes wrong

Head Lice Removal Service Near Me?

It is a common myth that mayonaisse is a natural home remedy to kill head lice, it does not work but part of the process is to cover children's hair in plastic wrap or a plastic bag for hours.

The tragic consequences for a couple and their beautiful, lively eighteen month daughter was that they put plastic bag on her head and while she was unattended for a short while the unbearable realisation for the grief stricken parents was that they found their beloved daughter had died.

Clearly it is not the treatment of mayonaisse that killed the little girl, put the process. Our hearts go out to this family.

That's the fatal mistake that the unnamed Massachusetts couple made, resulting in their young daughter's death. CBS reports that the toddler fell asleep with the bag on her head. Investigators suspect that it then slipped down over her mouth. At the time of the CBS report, no charges had been filed against the parents.

Please parents, if you are going to use any method that needs plastic wrap or bags on the head to work then please think of an alternative.  Even a shower cap could smother a child in their sleep.

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At NitNOT head lice removal clinic, we are always hearing from parent's that they have tried every head lice treatment on the market and spent hours and hours combing for lice using conditioner on their children's hair.  Just to find a few days later lice running around in kids hair, then it quickly spreads and the whole family end up with head lice.  Many parents are feeling embarrassed and even ashamed that they have head lice in the family.  First of all let us assure you that there is no need as head lice adore clean hair and love close families that hug, cuddle and snuggle up together.  As head lice do not fly or jump they need direct head to head contact or sometimes soft furnishings and clothing.


Why can't i get rid off head lice? This is one of the most common questions we are asked and there are several reasons or if you just want to get the lice out of you life, go to our contact us page to make an appointment or call us on 01442 388879


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