Head Lice Shampoo

Which Head Lice Shampoo?

There are two different types of head lice shampoo on the market.

The first one would be a head lice treatment shampoo, which is meant to kill the lice on the scalp. There are different methods for this: some you put on dry hair and others you apply to wet hair, with soaking times varying from fifteen minutes to twelve hours (overnight).

Some of the head lice treatment shampoos have pesticides in them, but many breeds of lice have now become immune to these lotions. Others will contain varying amounts of silicone; some will have paint thinners in them to make them easier to apply to the skin of the scalp and the hair.

It can be quite confusing as to which one is best because they all seem to offer various guarantees and the effectiveness seems to differ from person to person. We see many clients who, over weeks and months, have tried all of the head lice treatments which include Hedrin, Lyclear and Full Marks to name but a few.

Some will advise no combing needed. But the only way you can remove 100% of an active infection is to manually remove lice and head lice eggs with a combing method.

NitNot are unable to recommend a head lice treatment shampoo as all have seen various degrees of not shutting down an infestation.

The second type of head lice shampoo is a prevention shampoo: many of these contain essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, and lemon. They all have a lovely fragrance but the fragrance will wear off as soon as the head gets hot. So, in our humble opinion it would be difficult to maintain any prevention by fragrance.

NitNOT A Professional Head Lice Removal Centre

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