Head Lice Removal Service Salon

What to expect from a head lice removal service?

The very first thing to expect from our head lice removal salon at NitNOT is complete reassurance that we can solve your families head lice situation.  We will offer you the next available appointment, where possible in the following twenty four hours.  We are happy to quote over the phone but it iss always best to access the hair in an appointment where we can meet with the client and inspect the hair length and timescale of the infestation.

Head lice is not something anyone need to be embarrassed about as next to the head cold, head lice are the second most likely thing for kids to pick up at school  The chances of passing it on in the family if you hug and cuddle is also very high.  Head lice adore both clean and dirty hair and have no preference for ethnicity, age, male or female or age.  They will happily colonise on anybodies head.

At NitNOT we understand that it can be a time of great anxiety for many people and many parents suffer from a phobia of head lice.  We always take our clients feelings into consideration and will only go into details when wanted.

We always start by screening the hair by checking for live lice and lice eggs,  if these are found we will then develop and individual programme for each client.

The first appointment can last up to to hours where we apply 100% dimethicon and use a micro precision comb please go to our services and prices page for further details.

If you would like to remove head lice from your families hair please go to our contact us page to make an appointment.


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