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Every parents nightmare.  When all of a sudden you see a little bug in your child's hair.  First you hope that you are seeing things and as you get in closer to take a look....relief! Nothing! Then just you prepare to leave your little ones hair you see something move and then another.  Head Lice will quickly move under hair so it is very difficult to actually see them let alone catch one of the little lice bugs.  A head louse is about the size of a sesame seed and will look a tan to dark brown colour.  The more recently they have had a feed (head lice only feed on human blood) the darker they appear.  NitNOT recommend you download a microscope app, which will allow you to make sure you are looking at lice.

However, the probability is you are more likely to notice the nits, which are the transparent shell left behind after baby louse (Nymph) has hatched.  As the shell is transparent it reflects the light and takes on a white colour and is very easy to notice in darker hair.  You will find that nits are predominantly laid above and behind the ears, the nape of the neck and the crown of the head.  As these are the warmest parts of the head and make ideal incubating areas for the eggs to mature into live lice.  The good news is that nits are not a hazard as they are only shells, though can be unsightly they are often mistaken for dandruff.  The bad news means that you will now have live lice crawling in your head and feeding on your blood. 




To tell the difference between nits and dandruff is that, nits will not move and can only be removed by clasping the egg and dragging it down and off the hair shaft.  Dandruff will easily move if nudge with your fingertip.

Head lice eggs are a brownish colour, the shell is transparant but as it contains a growing baby louse it appears a mid brown colour and when first hatched can not be seen with the naked eye.  After two to three days it will have grown to about 0.4mm and is easier to see in lighter hair.  The bad news it contains a viable head louse.  The good news NitNOT can kill and remove them before they have time to mate and lay up to a hundred eggs in its lifetime.  Dandruff are random flakey shapes and nits are tear drop shape stuck to the hair.


All of our customers are given a 100% guarantee to clear each client of head lice and this is a guarantee you can trust.  NitNOT will also advise you on how to prevent re-infestations and go through a range of myths and facts.  With NitNOT you will know that the head lice infestation is out of your life.  For more information call 01442 388879 or go to our contact us page.

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