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Does Neem Kill Head Lice

We have been asked several types about using Neem oil to eradicate a head lice infestation and if there are any reasons why it should maybe not be used. We have put together facts from medical research regarding Neem Oil for you to make an informed decision.

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, found that Neem Oil does has contraceptive properties and causes miscarriages.  Thiss would of course be a concern for mums that are applying Neem to their children,s hair.  In January 2009 study published in Einstein summarized the effects of Neem oil and found a decline in the number of mature eggs and a decrease in estrogen and progesterone.

A 2008 report in Indian Pediatrics reported The study found that the accidental ingestion of Neem oil can occur this way. There have been Neem poisoning cases in children involving seizures, coma and death. A five-year-old boy suffered severe seizures an hour after after swallowing neem oil which resulted in cardiac arrest. He survived with permanent speech, memory and motor deficits.The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database does not consider neem to be safe for children. 


Reading these two reports that we could not recommend the use of Neem Oil as there could be a danger  to ther person being treated as well as the person treating them. NB Neem oil is used in some mosquito repellents.

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NitNOT's treat every client as an individual and give a 100% guarantee that all live lice eggs and lice will be killed - with a guarantee you can trust. An infestation can start with just one female louse and within a month there would be up to a hundred eggs laid.  An itchy scalp only happens to one in three people.  It is important to intervene as soon as possible.

We will show you how to comb to prevent re-infestations and explain why and when to keep head lice at bay.

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