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Nit or Not 

The school bell ring, all the children are running to make it to class on time. Another thing running around is chatter and gossip of the mums talking about the latest head lice letter they all received yesterday.


Having childre in school, means tons of learning experiences . One of the  important part of learning for students are lots of facts like history, grammar, timetables. There are hard lessons to learn year-to-year when it comes to deciding the difference between what is clearly true and what is false.

Knowledge is power and the  more you know about each subject the easier it is to conquer, Parents also have lots of things to learn to and one of them is knowing facts about head lice so they can make the right decision on how to get rid of head lice from their loved ones heads.

Here are just a few examples of what you may hear as well meant advice at the school gate:


Myth 1: Head lice jump and fly from one head to another.
Fact  1: Head lice do not have wings and cannot jump. Hair-to-hair contact is needed or sharing hats and scarves

Myth 2: Poor Hygiene and/or dirty hair are reasons people suffer with head lice and lice eggs .
Fact  2: Head lice have no preference they will happily colonize both dirty and clean shiny hair

Myth 3: Shaving head or having short hair stops head lice
Fact  3: Head lice feed on blood from the scalp and lay eggs within a centimetre to the scalp so short hair is not               a way to prevent head lice.  Though it could reduce the chances

Myth 4: Pets carry head lice.
Fact  4: Head lice are parasites that are only found on humans and cannot be transmitted to or from animals


Myth 5: Only children get head lice
Fact  5: Head lice can be caught by anyone with hair, if your children have head lice there is a eighty percent                   chance of you catching them as well if not notice straight away

Myth 6: Itching is the first sign of a head lice infestation
Fact  6: Only about thirty percent of people are allergic to the saliva of the head louse, which means that until                   nits (shell from hatched nymph) are visible then the infestation is truly established and probably                             transmitted to other members of the family

Myth 7: Head lice burrow in furniture, carpets and beds.
Fact  7: Head lice can not breed after being of a scalp for eight hours and will die after forty eight hours.  They                   do not burrow like bed bugs, so you only need to wash pillow and duvet cases.

Hopefully this will set the record straight for you.  Little things you can do is for everyone to have their own hair brush and towels (if possible).  Get your kids to keep scarves and hats down their coat sleeves while hanging on a peg.  Keep long hair tied back. The most important thing is not to get stressed or anxious.  Call NitNOT to take the stress and give you a 100% effective head lice removal guarantee - With a guarantee you can trust.

Head Lice Removal Salon

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