Head Lice Experts

Head Lice Experts That Get Rid Of Head Lice

Head Lice, Lice Eggs and Nits are all notoriously difficult to kill and remove from hair.  It can take months and months of constant combing and treatments and nothing seems to work.

If you have found that you just cannot take anymore stress and you just need someone to sort this re-occuring problem out.  Call NitNOT now for an immediate appointment on 01442 388879.

We can screen the whole family at the same time, as one of the main problems with re-occuring head lice is that family members keep giving it to each other.  Nit NOT deal with all levels of head lice infestation and we will be able to reassure you that this is the end of head lice for your family.

Once we have treated with dehydrating the eggs, applying a topical rinse and methodical combing with our medical device comb, we will microscopically inspect and will advise on the next steps.  We are happy to show you how to comb and how to help prevent further infestations.

At last the UK is catching up with the rest of the world with having head lice removal clinics.  Head Lice Removal Salons and Clinics are the first port of call for many parents in Europe, Australia and the USA.

Go to the head lice experts go to NitNOT and let us deal with this for you.


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Call : 01442 388879 

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