Dealing with lice? Don't be embarrassed

No need for head lice shame.

It is one of those thingss that all parents dread, hearing that there is an outbreak of head lice in their childs school.  When dealing with this predicament for the first time in can be utterly confusing just dealing with trying to get rid of the unwanted little lice critters.  There is so much information on the internet, there are lotions that offer a "once only guarantee" an array of lice combs on ebay, Amazon and Google.

Where do you start,  The first thing to know is that there should be no shame, embarrassment about your child getting head lice.  There is a misguided myth that head lice are associated with poor hygiene and sometimes neglect.  This can not be further from the truth as head lice thrive in clean hair and colonize families that are close and loving with lots of hugs, cuddles and snuggling up to read a bedtime story or watch a family film together.


True the though of a head louse running aound someones hair can automatically make you scratch your head and even send shivers down you spine.


One of the main reasons for head llice spread so easily is because parents are too embarresed to inform the schools.  However in a survery by the 84% of parents don’t think schools are doing enough to address the problem, with many calling for the return of the nit-nurse.

If parents could be more open about head lice and understand that the second most likely thing for children to pick up after the common cold is a head lice/nit infestation and that there are no negative reasons for getting them apart from you kids have had hair to hair contact with their friends.  It would greatly diminish the spread of head lice.

Professional Head Lice Removal Clinic

All of our customers are given a 100% guarantee to clear each client of head lice and this is a guarantee you can trust.  NitNOT will also advise you on how to prevent re-infestations and go through a range of myths and facts.  With NitNOT you will know that the head lice infestation is out of your life.  For more information call 01442 388879 or go to our contact us page. Close to London/Herts/Bucks


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