Mums how to tell if you have head lice

Check for head lice

OK, so you have had the email or text from school that your child's class have got head lice......again! You pick them up from school and start asking the usual question, "Has your head felt itchy?" "No, but it does now!".

You all start scratching and rubbing your hair as soon as you get home. You Google ‘what do head lice look like?’ Hundreds of pictures of alien like creatures are on your screen. No monsters in their hair, but then you spot little white it dandruff?? it nits?...Let’s hope it is dandruff.

Sitting down at dinner you all start talking about your day, "My best friend has lice"...."How do you know that?" "She told me when we were swapping hats for a game". Just as your darling child finishes a sentence a tiny little insect no bigger than a sesame seed runs across their hair line. You check everyone again and you all have them.

You take control, rush to the 24-hour supermarket, buy several bottles of lice treatment shampoo and apply them to all of your heads. Then, the combing and the combing and the combing; days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months. You feel like you are going crazy, you can feel them in your hair all the time, you cannot check your own hair, your arms ache from the combing. You angle mirrors to try and see around your head, you take photos on you mobile of just your hair. All you can think of is head lice, you start to look at the hair of everyone that you meet, anxious that they are carrying around their own little lice army.

Lots of people come to NitNot for either a screening or treatment as you are the only one you cannot check in your own family. We are here to lend a hand, tell you some facts and put your mind at rest. If you just want to know or you need to be cleared, call NitNot for an appointment.

Head Lice Removal Service Clinic off a professional head lice removal service within easy access from Bedfordshire, Berkshire,  Hertfordshire and parts of London. Clients can relax at our Lice Removal Clinic while we do the long work to remove the infestation.  For an appointment call un on 01442 388879 or go to our Contact Us page for more information.


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