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Cases of head lice aren’t fun for any member of the family, so if you suspect that your child has head lice it’s important that you seek professional and effective treatment as soon as possible. At NitNot, we offer thorough and expert head lice screening at treatment in the Harpenden area that helps you to eliminate head lice for good.

Discreet Head Lice Treatment Harpenden

One of the biggest difficulties to overcome aside from the lice themselves is the embarrassment that a case of head lice may cause your child. While head lice are a very natural part of the primary school experience, however unwelcome, your child will likely dread their classmates finding out that they have head lice. With NitNot’s discreet service, they don’t need to worry. We will contact their school and alert them of the case of head lice without mentioning any names. The anonymous tip will help parents and pupils alike to prevent the spread of head lice amongst the class and their families too!

Professional Head Lice & Nit Removal Harpenden

With so many different head lice treatments available, it can be difficult to get the right one. We have so many families visit us that have tried over the counter methods that have been ineffective. At NitNot, we have specialist medical equipment that vacuums nits and head lice out of your child’s hair. All we need to do is section the hair, conduct the treatment, give the hair a full comb out and apply a chemical free treatment, then perform a final visual inspection to remove any remaining nits or head lice. It’s a simple but effective method that significantly reduces your chances of reinfestation. Looking for a head lice removal service in Harpenden? Take a look at our services to find out how NitNot can help you with head lice removal.


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