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Living in Edgware, Mill Hill, Stanmore and surrounding areas your nearest NitNOT Head Lice Removal clinic is nearby in Hemel Hempstead just a ten minute drive up the M1,, in fact it is easier to drive to Hemel Hempstead than it would be to drive to Finchley with all the traffic on the roads.  Our clinic is easy to find, open six days a week, with morning, afternoon and evening appointments available.
Head Lice Treatment for Adults Edgware, Mill Hill & Stanmore
Many of our clients are mum's (some dad's), grandparents, teachers and childminders, who can feel in control of a situation when the children have the head lice as they can see the whole head, but until an adult gets head lice themselves, the frustration and upset sets in, as it is imorssilbe to effectively treat the head for lice and especially the live lice eggs.  Apart from throwing on lots and lots of lotions and hoping for the best,  it is imossible to comb the eggs out so two weeks later the adullts have head lice again and in the meantime can give them back to the children they originally received the lice from.  So begins the life cycle of the head lice again, sometimes colonising every head in the family.  For peace of mind we can screen you head at the same time you bring you child for treatment.  Most parents say the relief of sitting down in a comfy chair and knowing that their head lice are effectively being removed is one of the best feelings in the world. Having tried home remedies for head lice, treatments that promise no combing is required and getting friends and partners to check.  They are at their wits end, losing sleep and getting paranoid about people getting close to them or seeing them in their hair.  The only way to be 100% sure that head lice and eggs are removed is to visit NitNOT.  Look at our Services and Prices page for further details or call     01442 388879 for an immediate appointment
Head Lice treatment for kids Edgware, Mill Hill & Stanmore
Children catch lice from school, clubs, sleepovers, swimming pools, in fact anywhere there is more than one child there is a chance that they may get head lice.  It is not something to be embarrassed by as they love families who hug and cuddle, hygeine is never an issue as they also adore clean hair.
One of the biggest problems is that some parents are not sure what to look for when an outbreak is discovered in the classroom or group.  Most parents believe that if you are not itchy or scratching then you do not have head lice,  The facts about head lice is that only one in three will be itchy with a new infestation as it is an alergic reaction to the saliva of the head lice when they feed on the blood of the host, inecting their saliva to keep the blood from coagulating.
We treat a wide range of children from toddlers to A level students.  Each child handlles having head lice very differently form not really bothered to the worst thing that has ever happened, knocking confidence, exiling themselves from their friends and in some cases being bullied.  Every school has a different policy in how head lice are dealt with and some have not policies.
When any child sits in a NitNOT chair, they can feel happy and secure in the knowledge that they will have lice clear hair and that there is no need to be embarrassed.  They are encouraged to ask questionss and our therapists will explain in as much detail as the child wants about head lice.  Giving head lice facts, such as after the common cold, head lice are the secong most likely infection school children will pick up. We carefully access each child on their own  infestation and personalise each head lice treatment plan For more details click on our Service and Prices page or call 01442 388879 and make an appointment.


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