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What is the solution to head lice? NitNOT are a  head lice removal clinic based by the Old Town in Hemel Hempstead just a short fifteen minute drive from Dunstable.  Here at NitNOT we offer the best treatments for head lice for children, teenagers and adults.

We are happy take your calls to explain everything we can do to clear all the live lice and eggs from yours or your families hair.  It can be a time consuming and expensive business buying bottles and bottles of treatment, that just do not seem to work as live eggs are left and the cylcle begins when the nymphs (baby lice are born) and re-colonise your hair.


Effective head lice removal treatment - Dunstable

Because are staff are highly trained and have the professional equipment to assure that the correct diagnosis and best treatment plan for head lice and eggs is established. We pride ourselves on our effective combing methods where we comb the hair in small slices, where we can get to the very top of the hair shaft by the scalp and then meticulously comb the eggs out of the hair by taking the comb at a 16.5 degree angle, and running the comb to bottom of the hair and then off.  Repeating the process until all the live lice and eggs are detached from the hair.

Which head lice treatments are 100% effective?  It is difficult to access this as many products claim you do not have to comb the hair after treating, but the problem is if you have just a few live eggs left in the hair after treatment you will certainly be re-infested again and probably your family will be as well.

Will tea tree oil kill head lice and eggs?  The first problem is that tea tree oil is a very strong essence and can cause itchy skin, eyes and breathing can be affected.  If applied in it's pure form it can also give a burning sensation to the scalp and the chances are if will not kill the lice and eggs, as it will not keep the lice and eggs covered enough to suffocate them.  There is very little medical evidence that tea tree all repels head lice, more medical research is needed to confirm if this is a viable way of preventing head lice from colonising hair.

Is conditioner and a comb a good way of combing head lice and eggs out of the hair?  Many parents swear by this method, but in my opinion the best lubricant is a spray in conditioner or a detangler spray as they are transparent and do not bulk up the comb with white gloop.  Making it much easier to see any lice or eggs on the comb when wiped on a tissue.

If you want to guarantee no more head lice the call today for an appointment on 01442 388879 or message us from our contact page.

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