Do Head Lice Prefer Clean Or Dirty Hair 

Do Head Lice Prefer Clean Or Dirty Hair

Do Head Lice Prefer Clean Or Dirty Hair

The truth of the matter is head lice do not care if you hair is dirty or clean, head lice love all hair.  You can have greasy hair, dry hair, curly hair, straight hair, hair with products in or not in.

The have not preference for male or females, there is a myth out on the internet at the moment that head lice do like testosterone.  This is not true the fact is that mum's are the majority care givers especially where head lice are concerned, mums also tend to have longer hair which makes it much easier for head lice to crawl from one head to another.  

Shorter hair certainly helps reduce the chances of getting head lice transferred to the hair, though close, long contact will mean that people with shorter hair will then get infested with head lice.

Clean and dirty hair make no difference to the head lice because the feed on the blood from the scalp and their is always dry skin and/or natural oils.  Head lice have highly refined claws at the front of their bodies and can cling to dirty and clean hair.  Hair products do not prevent head lice from climbing on board you hair and infesting with live eggs.

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Whilst the client is being treated, we are happy to answer any questions regarding maintenance of a head-lice-free environment including techniques for prevention, facts & fiction, and product information. So, when you leave you are fully armed to fight the battle against head lice...your family will be nit free!


We want to give you peace of mind at an affordable price. No more scratching or feeling little lice running through your hair. We are here to help.

NitNot treat every client as an individual and give a 100% guarantee that all live eggs and lice will be killed - we are a company that you can trust.

We will show you how to comb to prevent re-infestations and explain why and when to keep head lice at bay.

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