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Nit Removal Tips

The very first tip is do not panic, it is not a sign of poor hygein or neglect.  In fact, head lice love clean hair and loving families who hug and cuddle as they need direct head to headd contact to colonise a new head.

When you are notified that you children's class, group or club have head lice do not rely on the fact that they are not itching or scratching their heads.  Only 30% of the population are sensitive to head lice biting them.  In fact it is the saliva of the louse that they may be allergic to.

You will need to look carefully at the nape of the neck or behind the ears for tiny white beads that are stuck to the hair.  Not to be confused with dandruff that will easily move when touched. 



Nits are easier to find in dark hair.  (Nits are the shell left behind when the nymph (baby louse) as left, leaving behind a transparent shell that is stuck to the hair.  Please see the picture above. In lighter coloured hair the eggs may be easier to see as they are a tan/brownish colour.

The head lice are far more difficult to find as they run away from light and lice run quickly about 30cm a minute.

Once you have established an infestation, you are then faced with you course of action to remove lice and nits.  Head lice treatments are available on line and in pharmacies and supermarkets.  The main problem with lice treatments is that they can be very difficult to kill the eggs.  The only certain way to clear head of head lice and eggs is to comb.  Which is very time consuming.

Natural home remedies for lice and eggs on the whole do not work as they do not suffocate the lice or eggs.  But do  make good lubricats to comb out lice and eggs.  Nits (the empty shells) can be left in hair as they are not a threat, however they can be unsightly and for cosmetic reason can look unpleasant especially in darker hair. For more information go to services and prices page or call for an appointment on 01442 388879

Manually remove the lice, eggs and nits by combing with fine tooth nit comb, for a lubricant use a clear spray in conditioner as regular condition is too thick.

Section hair and clip or use a hairband and pin out of the way and deal with one section at a time.

Comb from the scalp to the end of the hair and pull the comb off and wipe onto a white tissue, clean the comb after every stroke on the tissue as soon as the comb is clear.  Then move onto the next section of the hair, until every section has been combed.  The recommended amount of times is to comb again in 3,6,9,12,15 days repeating the process.  if the infestation is heavy you may need to keep on combing every three days.

Over the counter head lice treatments such as Hedrin, Lyclear, Full Marks etc all have different ingredients and methods for killing lice, many people find just using these without combing can lead to reinfestation as the eggs are not alway killed.

Head lice home remedies such as vinegar, mayonnaise, olive all will not kill eggs and diffiucult to wash out. 

Cutting hair is really not an answer to an infestation as the eggs are laid so close to the scalp.

Call and make an appointment where we can diagnose and clear hair of live lice and eggs with a 100% guarantee.  Call for an appointment on 01442 388879 or message us on our contact us pa

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