Lice Comb and Nit Comb

How to clean a lice comb or nit comb

To be honest a lice comb and a nit comb are one of the same thing, people just call them by different names.  There are many on the market and everyone has the one they prefer.

The problem is how to keep the top of the comb clean as it is easy at the top of the teeth, but the more you comb for lice, lice eggs and nits, the more seem to bunch up and gather at the bottom of the teeth and are almost impossible to get out.  The first thing is that everyone should have their own comb as when you treat more than one person in the family, you must treat them all at the same time.  Clearly, if there are live lice or eggs still in the comb and you move onto the next head, there is a chance that you can comb them into the next persons hair.

  • Wipe the comb with a dry tissue/towel

  • Then use a damp tissue or baby wipe

  • Wipe dry again and put tissues in the bin

  • Leave the comb in nearly boiling water 

  • Leave in the water for at least twenty four hours

  • At this point everything will be dead on the comb if there is anything left in the comb

  • To remove any small eggs or nymphs (baby lice) you can use a use dental floss or a dental floss stick

  • If you are in a rush you could try using a hair dryer for five minute on the comb at the highest setting turning over half way through.  Then use the dental floss to remove and small eggs or lice.

  • The aid of a magnifying app on your mobile phone will assist in making sure all lice, lice eggs and nitss are not present in the comb

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