Children With Head Lice

Children selling head lice to skip school

Unlike the UK some countries have a "no tolerance" to head lice and children are sent home until they are dealt with.  North America have this policy as do Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria children are sent home for three days to deal with the head lice infestation to remove lice and lice eggs.

In the district of Ravnets children were selling their own head lice for £3.80 a go, so that the children could infest their own heads with the newly purchased lice so that they could get time off school.

Educational authorities started to notice that the rise in lice infestations was getting to epidemic proportions, with hundreds of cases of nits being reported.  The authorities first thoughts were that these were a breed of super lice that were immune  to children.  It was not until they started talking with the children that the black market in head lice that they realised what was happening.

Professional head lice salon

NitNOT treat every client as an individual and give a 100% guarantee that all live eggs and lice will be killed - with a guarantee you can trust.

We will show you how to comb to prevent re-infestations and explain why and when to keep head lice at bay.

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