The Head Lice Treatment that Really Works

Struggling to get rid of head lice that just won't shift? Looking for a solution that's safe and non-toxic? Need something for the whole family?

Then look no further. Our Head Lice Treatment NitNOT is your one-stop-shop for persistent head lice. With only two treatments it will get rid of them for good!

How will NitNOT help you and your family? 

  • 100% guarantee that your lice will be gone after two treatments

  • NitNOT can be used to treat adults and children 

  • NitNOT is much kinder than other products on the market - it won't irritate your scalp as we made sure that it is 100% safe and non-toxic with no nasty smells

  • Fantastic value for money as only one bottle is needed for your whole family

  • NitNOT is the only head lice serum to be endorsed by the BPNA (British Association of Professional Nannies)

You can now buy NitNOT from our Amazon shop or direct from our site

Buy direct from us for delivery to ROI


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