Best Head Lice Treatment To Use At Home

At last a head lice Treatment that actually works

Why our head lice treament actually works?

Head lice from losing bodily fluids – they do not wee they perspire, we use 100% dimethicone mineral oil. It blocks the  ventricles and they die on contact. With eggs it stops the gases from leaving the egg and they die quickly.

Dimethicone is the killing agent, we do not fill the bottles with cheaper fragrances, solvents and toxic chemicals.  We give you a premium product at a very competitive price.  When you compare how much dimethicone you are getting for your money with the mixed treatments you can see the value for money


 We recommend that you use a normal comb and comb the serum through the hair – massaging treatments in can cause knots – which give lice and eggs places to hide.


  We do not work on theories in a white coat lab, we use NitNOT serum daily on hundreds  of customer in our Head Lice Removal Clinic with 100% success.

Why do other over the counter nit treatment's NOT work?

Other treatments use harsh solvents, toxic chemical and fragrances mixed with dimethicone.  Dimethicon is an oil so does not mix properly with oil, which means that when applying the treatment  lice and eggs are easily missed.

Current over the counter head lice treatments,  use harsh solvents, toxic chemical and/or fragrances mixed with dimethicone.  Dimethicone is an oil so does not mix properly with other liquids unless shaken constantly,, which means that you end up just putting solvents and/or fragrance on the hair and this will not kill lice or eggs.



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