What is the solution to head lice? 

The most effective way of treatment for head lice, is to come to our head lice removal centre in Hemel Hempstead, just a twenty five minute drive from Aylesbury,  here we will evaluate the facts about the head lice infestation and discuss a plan of action to remove lice successfully.  Much depends on the longevity of the infestation, the type of hair, the condition of the scalp and the age of the client. We use a non toxic topical rinse that we put through the hair and then start combing.  The first appointment can be up to two hours, however sometimes the client finds it uncomfortable and we can split the combing appointments.  As the only way to be sure that the head lice and eggs are gone is by manually removing them from the hair.  For more about our services please click on Service and Prices page where there are further details. Otherwise call us on 01442 388879​ to book an immediate appointment. Our clinic is very accessible and discreet. We have a strictly appointment only service which means you will not have people walking into the clinic while our clients are having their head lice removal treatments.

NitNOT Head Lice Removal Service Aylesbury

Get Rid Of Head Lice Aylesbury

What is the solution to head lice? 

So, what is the best cure for head lice?  No matter what route you decide to take, be it natural remedies for head lice, chemical treatments, natural head lice treatments, or heated treatments the only way to be certain is to comb out every live egg and that is exactly what we do at NitNOT.  We are fortunate that we have a comb that is precision instrument, most combs on the market are a minimum of 0.3mm between each tooth on the comb, when you realise a louse egg is 0.1mm then you can see why it is so difficult to remove - especially on finer hair as when the teeth go down the hair shaft they can glide right over the live egg. Meaning that three weeks later you are pulling out live lice again from your hair.


Please look at the photo with our comb and that of a leading brand comb.  You can see why we are successful, as we have a methodical and precise combing method that leaves no room for errors and a comb that will detach the live eggs.  We are no a miracle lice removal cure.  It takes training, experience, patience and a passion for the job.  We may not be able to remove all the eggs and nits on the first appointment, but we will shut down the infestation and then make further plans to equal your wants and expectations.


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