Adult's with Head Lice

Where do head lice come from

At NitNOT head lice removal centre, we are seeing increasing numbers of adults without children who do not know where they are getting head lice from.

It has to be said that we can usually work out roughly how long the client has had the lice infestation for from the amount of nits present in the hair.  The majority of the time it is usually traced back to a meeting with friends with school age children, birthdays, family party etc..

On some occassions we have had a few clients that can only think of one place they are in very close contact with other people and that is on an over crowded tube train or overhead train, where people are so close that they have hair to hair contact with other commuters.

If someone with head lice has their hair down or up in a long ponytail and their hair makes contact with someone else.  The fertilized female will crawl from one persons hair to another.

Understanding how head lice colonize is very important.  The female louse will only need to mate once after that they feed on the blood at the scalp and then lay and egg, they then crawl down the hair shaft and hold on with one claw and have the other claw reaching out to grab hold of another person's hair.  If the host make contact with another person by hair to hair contact they will crawl over.

If they are unsuccessful they will repeat this process every two to three hours crawling back to the scalp, feeding, laying an egg and then returning down the hair shaft.


A female louse can lay up to a hundred eggs in her lifetime. 

The Mail have an article and video about a lady with head lice on a bus.  Luckily her hair was up and not touching anyone else.

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All of our customers are given a 100% guarantee to clear each client of head lice and this is a guarantee you can trust.  NitNOT will also advise you on how to prevent re-infestations and go through a range of myths and facts.  With NitNOT you will know that the head lice infestation is out of your life.  For more information call 01442 388879 or go to our contact us page.


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