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NitNOT founder Eileen Hutchinson advises the BBC on how to treat head lice

It can be overwhelming when you find out a family member has brought home lice and nits. Until you experience the horror of head lice and nits in your own family, you never truly realise how difficult it can be to manage the infestation. That is why NitNot was started: to take the stress away from you and take over the process of eliminating all traces of lice, nits and eggs.

Who are we?

We are a head lice and egg removal service clinic based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. We have also developed a head lice product - NitNOT Head Lice, Egg & Nit Complete Solution Treatment (200 ml) - for treating head lice at home. The head lice solution can be purchased online from our Amazon shop.

Why We Opened  NitNOT Head Lice Removal Clinic Service

My name is Eileen Hutchinson. I was starting to get very frustrated with head lice in the family, and a lot poorer as a result of dealing with head lice. I spoke with friends in America, where there are hundreds of head lice clinics, and they informed me about the effectiveness of traditional method clinics.  

We subsequently became passionate about offering parents an effective and affordable head lice removal service. We have studied hard and consulted with leading experts in the UK, Spain, Denmark and the USA. We have also trained with experts on the detection and removal of lice, so you can be assured that you are in the best hands.  

Our clinic is discreet, and we will always endeavour to see you within twenty-four hours.

We ask that the client being treated has clean, combed hair, free of knots and free of any hair products so that we can apply our treatments successfully.

How We Can Help You With The Battle On Head Lice

Our four-step plan at NitNot positions us as one of the best head lice treatments in the market, offering only the most effective head lice treatment. We understand that each client’s case of head lice is different, and therefore adapt our head lice treatment plan to maximise efficiency.​

Whilst the client is being treated, we are happy to answer any questions regarding maintenance of a head-lice-free environment including techniques for prevention, facts & fiction, and product information. So, when you leave you are fully armed to fight the battle against head lice. Your family will be nit free!

We want to give you peace of mind at an affordable price. No more scratching or feeling little lice running through your hair. We are here to help.

NitNOT treats every client as an individual and give a 100% guarantee that all live eggs and lice will be killed - we are a company that you can trust.​ We will show you how to comb to prevent re-infestations and explain why and when to keep head lice at bay.


We are a professional and ethical lice removal service.
We DO NOT use any solvents, pesticides, perfumes or toxic chemicals in our clinic or our product. Our head lice serum treatment is pure mineral oil; it works by coating lice and eggs and cutting off their oxygen supply.

As such, they cannot become resistant.


Unlike other treatments, our serum has been scientifically proven to be kind to the scalp and not absorbed by the skin.


We offer a 100% guaranteed service - because we know it works.


‘As a working mum with two daughters and no spare time, I found head lice very stressful. Until someone recommended Nitnot head lice salon – thank goodness! It was dealt with by great ladies that clearly love their job!’ –

‘I will be recommending you to everyone. Amazing service. We have struggled with headlice for the past few months and spent a fortune on product – that just did not work. NitNot cleared the whole family as promised. Thank you for giving me back my life xxx’ –

Go to NitNot to get rid of head lice. Wish I had found you guys earlier. It would have saved me time and money. You are the best – I actually think I love you guys.’ –


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Call : 01442 388879 

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